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Materials Testing Services

Wind Farm Materials Testing

CTS are pleased to announce they are now UKAS accredited for ‘Monitoring the Temperature of Fresh Concrete within Concrete Structures’ & can offer this service throughout Ireland & the UK.

CTS recognise that monitoring and reporting needs can vary from site to site and our experienced staff welcome all enquiries.

All data logging software is programmed by CTS with structure specific sensor identifi cation, channel titles and job descriptions, therefore ensuring reporting accuracy. The temperature logging station is manufactured at CTS and is designed to help protect essential monitoring equipment against weather damage. Where thermocouple installation is carried out by the contractor, ‘best practice’ training is given at the commencement of the contract. Training includes advice on thermocouple installation and instruction on connecting thermocouples to the ‘logging station’.

By using CTS there is assurance that all efforts are taken to provide a robust and reliable monitoring system designed to protect against data loss.

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CTS have built up their service to provide a fast & effective testing regime on local quarry materials,
from on-site sampling back to the experienced lab staff for testing & swift
reporting within their customer's specific time limits.
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