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Consultancy & Training



CTS offer a range of 'concrete quality systems consultancy services' to clients in the construction industry. The service includes, initial or revalidation of concrete mix designs, EN 206 conformity control and 'cusum' factory production control. All systems are tailored to meet customer and third party accreditation requirements.

Aggregate Selection Advice

Using sophisticated software, experienced CTS consultancy staff give guidance to producers on the most appropriate and economical aggregate selection for concrete design.

Concrete Design

Our highly experienced concrete technologists determine and analyse essential aggregate properties enabling concrete design and family relationships to be produced. Design outputs include mix lists, strength charts and other essential data required for an approved system.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

CTS offer step by step guidance and assistance to producers seeking to achieve third-party accreditation.

EN206 Conformity Analysis

Our conformity analysis service provides an answer to the complex rules set out in EN206. Following analyses, reader-friendly reports are issued at the end of 'Assessment Periods', allowing the producer to formally declare conformity to EN206.

Concrete Producer Start-up

From initial mix design to guidance for producers on concrete specification and selection, CTS offer an invaluable advisory and practical service to the new producer.

Production Control ‘CUSUM’

'Cusum' production Control is a tool used to monitor concrete compressive strength trends. Producers are guided by Cusum to make controlled increases or decreases in cement contents.


CTS offer an auditing service to concrete producers, covering production, technical records and order processing. This service caters for all requisites whether in preparation for third-party auditing, or simply to provide a fresh look at producers' systems.

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CTS have been carrying out our daily routine testing and project testing since 2006.
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