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Materials Testing Services

Soils Testing

Construction Testing Services Ltd is pleased to announce that it now offers a comprehensive soils testing service throughout Northern Ireland. CTS have obtained full UKAS accreditation for 'Plate Loading Testing' and the determination of equivalent CBR values.

CTS recommend that plate loading results (and other), are interpreted by qualified engineers and we are pleased to offer professional and qualified geo-technical personnel to help with result interpretation.

Soils testing service include:

  • Plate Load Testing & Determination of CBR values
  • In-situ Density Measurement
  • Hand Shear Vane testing
  • OMC Assessment
  • Moisture Condition Value Testing
  • Sedimentation Testing
  • Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index Testing
  • DCP Testing
  • Advice on the interpretation of results
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Ed Fitzgerald, Civil Managers - ESBI Engineering Crockagarran & Carrickatane.